How would it make you feel to finally get organized?


Take a moment and think about this…

How would it feel if you really had a handle on things and had a strong sense of peace?

How would it feel to get “unstuck”?

If you are ready for a fresh start, then let’s release the clutter, reduce the stress, and regain that momentum!

It is indeed possible to have the organized, peaceful home or office you desire. With a little direction, encouragement and the right tools you can be as organized as you want to be. More than that, you can finally have a handle on things, easily finding what you need when you need it and letting go of things you no longer need with ease.

chico professional organizer

I’m Natalie, and I am a woman on a mission! I see the anxiety clutter causes, I see families torn apart because the clutter interferes, I see dreams being laid aside because any extra time is spent trying to get ahead of the clutter instead of fulfilling lifelong dreams. I know there is pain associated with disorganization and I want to help people get through their clutter and experience a sense of relief.

If you’ve never worked with a professional organizer, here’s some reassurance. I don’t make you do things that aren’t right for you. I have taken many courses and have spent hours learning all I can so that I can help my clients.  I don’t judge the state of your life or your home; I truly want to help. You can keep everything that’s important to you. You may even find yourself shifting in what you thought you valued as we work through areas and you begin to see the possibilities unfolding.

Get some insight:

  1. Take our quiz: “Test Your Organizing Skills.” Simply enter your name and email in the upper right-hand corner of the page and get some insight into your organization style.

  2. Get Control of Your Life! Sign up for a free phone consultation. We can talk about how I might help you with organization and focus and answer any questions you have. Let’s get acquainted.

  3. Read the success stories of real women who have gotten their lives back! Juana was having trouble balancing her job, her home, and her kids, but not anymore! Diane was racing around frantically supporting everyone in her family until we worked together on getting her organized. See how Angela achieved an organized office and revitalized her home-based business.

We can make you a success story, too.