10 Small Summer Projects

by Natalie Conrad | 4 Comments
10 Small Summer Projects

Summer time can be the best time to get a bunch of the little projects out of the way.

“Little” projects are defined as things that will take an hour or less of your time every week to sort through, purge, and put away.  Most of the time these projects can be put in a basket and set next to your favorite chair. Just taking an extra 10-15 minutes whenever you sit in your chair each day to attend to a project can go a long way.  There’s still at least 10 weeks of summer left so here are 10 small summer projects that can be tackled:

file organization by Natalie Conrad, organzing consultant

  1. One drawer of old files

  2. The junk drawer in the kitchen or office

  3. The leaning tower of magazines

  4. A dresser, one drawer at a time

  5. Shredding old checks/bank statements

  6. That old, unlabeled box in the bottom of a closet

  7. A shoebox full of receipts

  8. Going through all the computer CD’s

  9. A container of greeting cards you’ve saved for years

  10. Going through all the first aid supplies and medications

What tools are needed for this job?

I recommend a basket that can be filled with “the little project”, a timer (if you really want to stick to 10-15 minutes a day), and bags for garbage and items you want to give away.

I’d love to hear from you if you tackle a “little project” (or ten) this summer. Please leave a comment!


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  1. Nicole says:

    Are big projects OK? Last Saturday in 108 degree weather, I brought in craft supplies one box at a time from the garage and sorted through them. I managed to go through 7 boxes and now I only store 3!!!!!! *and you know how many craft supplies I have / had!!!!!!!

  2. Nicole, if you’ve got the energy/time, big projects are okay. Great job downsizing those crafts. doesn’t it feel good?!!

  3. Susan Wilson says:

    Natalie, You found another project for me – my medicine cabinet. I actually have room in there now. You are always so timely on the blogs to keep me motivated.

  4. Thank you Susan! I am on a mission to motivate others so it is nice to hear that you have been inspired! Comment here about other topics you would like to see posted to this blog.