5 minute tasks to Keep You Organized

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5 minute tasks to Keep You Organized

Got 5 minutes?  Then you can stay organized!

Here’s my list of quick things I do to stay organized and manage my time:
  1. Put incoming mail into a basket
  2. Sort laundry as I put things in the hamper (whites-colors-jeans)
  3. Use a paper recycle basket in the room where I read newspapers & magazines
  4. Make my bed as soon as I get out of it
  5. Review my calendar every night
  6. Set things in family room that can be done while watching TV
  7. Just before bed, I quickly pick up the main area of the house
  8. Religiously use my tickler file!
  9. Have a birthday calendar and set up cards to be sent out for the entire month, in one sitting
  10. Have a tote bag packed for each of the groups I belong to so I can grab and go
  11. Separate bulk meat purchases into smaller freezer bags after grocery shopping
  12. Have a designated donation container so I can purge & have a place for thing s to accumulate before donating
  13. Label, Label, Label


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