7 Travel Packing Tips to Keep You Organized

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7 Travel Packing Tips to Keep You Organized
Since I moved over a year ago, I find myself traveling a lot more.  My best friend always admires how I pack so little and said I should write a blog post about that.  Good idea – so here goes!
My motto when traveling is definitely “less is more”.  I am a minimalist when I travel.  I want to spend more time enjoying my trips; therefore, I make sure it takes less time to pack.

Natalie’s 7 Travel Packing Tips

  1. Choose one main color scheme for your wardrobe. Black or brown are usually my main color. It’s easy to mix and match other patterns to go with these colors.
  2. Pack clothes that are low maintenance.  Synthetic fibers, polyester blends are usually great wrinkle-free garments.
  3. Have travel pajamas, slippers and a travel blow dryer. Leave them in your suitcase all the time.
  4. Keep a toiletry bag packed. Make a toiletry bag with smaller bottles of all the things you use for hygiene and have a second set of makeup in there. Store the toiletry bag in your suitcase. It’s always ready to go that way! I LOVE the Cosmetic  Roll Up with it’s clear pocketed sections – mine is always ready to go.
  5. Try to only pack one pair of shoes.  I know this is hard for some of you but at least try to take less shoes than you normally carry. This is easier to do when you choose that one main color scheme for your tirp.
  6. Learn how to pack.  Pack by outfits.  I lay out my pants (folded in half) and place my shirt on top with my socks and a scarf. Then I fold them all together.  When it’s time to change clothes, I just grab a “bundle” and everything is there.  I love the Shelves on the Go* system and Packing Cubes* from Clever Container.  It makes things easier to manage and it’s very visual so you don’t have to tear through the entire suitcase to find things.
  7. Bring a laundry bag.  As clothes get dirty, fold them (because of space constraints) and place them in a laundry bag and then pack that laundry bag in the suitcase.  Makes doing the travel laundry a breeze when you get home!
* By the way, it’s Tool Tuesday, so check out check out the Shelves on the Go, and Packing Cubes.  You can order them now and have them in time for your holiday travels!
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