Are you willing to let it go?

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Are you willing to let it go?

I am always purging and donating items. We have a donation center in our home; it’s a rather large 3 drawer plastic dresser. All family members know that if they do not want an item or if something no longer fits, you put it in the donation center. Then, when I receive notice that there’s a donation pick-up in our neighborhood (which happens about twice a month) I put everything from the donation center in a box or garbage bag and set it out at the end of the driveway.

Recently, my neighbor mentioned that she is helping to gather goods for a yard sale to benefit the Chico Cat Coalition (her favorite charity). I told her I would “pull a few things together” to donate. Little did I know that this would cause a shift for me in my purging habits… What happened?

1. I started to look at my “stuff” differently

I have given my neighbor a plethora of things. So far over 20 things have moved out of my home to go to the Cat Coalition Yard Sale, with more purging happening almost daily. I realize that some things I had been keeping (but not using) were things I felt were “too good” for Goodwill. Now, there’s nothing wrong with Goodwill, it was just my own personal justification. Some of these items are nicer items (non-clothing) that cost a bit of money. I wanted to give them away before but I guess I felt that they would not get a good home at the thrift store?? I don’t understand the logic either… All I know if that I am releasing things on a whole other level.

2. It’s almost become an obsession

Now I am looking everywhere to find things to donate. It’s like the show “Biggest Loser”- I am digging down deep and really working hard at finding more [stuff] to lose. I am challenging myself to gather up things that I never considered letting go of before. It’s like a level of emotional attachment to stuff has come unraveled and I am free of those “clingy” feelings.

So maybe having the right cause is the answer. Or maybe it’s a focused event with a deadline. Or maybe it’s something else. I don’t care – hallelujah, I am letting it go!

By the way, the Chico Cat Coalition Yard Sale is Saturday June 2nd. Go here for more information.

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