Can There Be Too Many Sticky Notes?

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Can There Be Too Many Sticky Notes?


You have too many sticky notes if:

  • you can no longer see the outer frame of your computer monitor

  • you have written sticky notes that are still around from 3 months ago

  • you have an assortment of colors… in every room, in every drawer in your home!

  • you have several of them posted but are “blind” to what you’ve written on them

  • you have them plastered on your calendar or desk but never read or act on them

  • you are considering making some into origami cranes


and No….

You have just the right amount of sticky notes if:

  • you are using them for page markers when studying or researching

  • purchase a pack of them and it lasts you 6-9 months

  • you use them to remind your teenagers not to forget something

  • you write on them, complete the task (take action) and throw them away weekly

I have seen many people use sticky notes to write down things they do not want to forget and that’s a good idea.  The system falls apart, however, when the notes are lost or scattered all over the place.  Basically, you have too many sticky notes if you write on them but then never take action….  I gave up on sticky notes a long time ago, I use index cards.  For more information on how I use index cards to capture my thoughts and next action steps go to Capture those thoughts! and The Worst Use of Your Mind.

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