Flip Flop File Product Review

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Flip Flop File Product Review

Being a woman, I just can’t talk about clothes closet organization without starting with the shoes first! LOL!  

Here’s a great product if you are a flip flop girl like me. I prefer my flip flops to slippers and, living in California, I wear them practically all year round.

Introducing the Flip Flop File- and it’s a file system you’ll love – I promise! It hangs on a closet rod and has room to hold 18 pair of your fav flip flops.  I even store my Lindsay Phillips Switchflops accessories in one pocket!

This shoe holder has clear pockets so you can see all of your flip flops. I used to keep my flip flops in a basket and would have to rummage through them to find the right color and then of course the mate! Quite unorganized, don’t ya think? Now, I don’t even have to bend down to get to them and they always have a mate right there!

This Flip Flop File organizer could also be used for hats, gloves, fanny packs and other clothing accessories, even bathing suits.  You could use it as a shoe organizer in a young child’s closet too. Outside of your closet you could use it in your craft room to hold skeins of yarn. If you are a grandma, you could have one in the guest room closet holding those special books you read when the grandkids come to visit. Let your imagine run wild, use the Flip Flop File for other things that you want to keep organized but still visibly see the contents!

Disclaimer: Some links take my other website to purchase the Flip Flop File. :)


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