Four Tips for Holiday Travel

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Four Tips for Holiday Travel

1. Be Safe –Regardless of how you travel, make sure someone else has your itinerary and telephone numbers so they can reach you in an event of an emergency.

By car- make sure your car is road worthy.  Simple things like checking the fluids, tire pressure, and wiper blades can prevent bothersome road side stops. Fill up the tank before you go and refill it when the tank reads less than half full.

By plane/train/bus – keep your valuables on your person rather than in a carry-on or purse.  Always have a change of clothing and a toothbrush in your carry-on for unexpected layovers and delays.

2. Pack Light 

  • Dress in layers and pack clothing that will mix and match.  Use packing cubes inside your luggage to keep things neat and accessible.  Only bring one extra pair of shoes.  Be sure to leave room in your luggage to bring things home with you.  


3. Ship Ahead

If you have gifts and things for people you will visit while traveling, ship them out the week before you arrive. It’s less hassle for you at the airport and less to carry. The Post Office’s flat rate boxes are a very economical way to go.

4. Bring Entertainment

If you have kids – pack a small backpack for each of them with quiet activities they can do. Carry a small surprise for them in your carry-on to reward their good behavior.
For the adults – bring something small to occupy your time during your trip.  There are always layovers and unexpected delays.  An e-reader or good book and a deck of cards can go a long way with helping pass the time.

Have a Safe & Enjoyable Holiday Trip!

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