Today is National Pack Rat Day

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Today is National Pack Rat Day

No, I did not make it up – apparently May 17th every year is officially Pack Rat Day.

So today, I will not get on my soap box about organizing and purging. I will practice restraint. There is actually a little pack rat in everyone. I was thinking about myself, my husband, and the children who still live at home. Here are a few things we are guilty of “packing away”.

For Me-
• Pieces of flat, thick cardboard (never know when I might need it for a craft project)

• Tea sets ( I literally have them packed up and haven’t held a tea in quite some time)
• Plastic containers (as an organizer I can’t seem to get rid of them)

For my husband-
• Rocks (they are inside and outside our home)
• The old windshield from his truck because it has an old KZAP radio sticker on it

For my son-
• Music journals, every piece of paper with music he’s ever written
• Trash – like cough drop wrappers, empty mail envelopes, product wrappers (and yes, he has a trash can in his room)

For my daughter-
• Stationary and all manner of writing tools
• Bags and boxes from stores and gifts received

So how are you a Pack Rat? Leave a comment here today and celebrate!

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