How to Keep Track of Gifts You’ve Purchased

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How to Keep Track of Gifts You’ve Purchased

I don’t shop for gifts during certain times of the year – I shop all year!  Now, don’t freak out – I am not hoarding gifts. I just have a stash of gifts… in a gift closet.  Now, now – it’s not a whole closet, just a shelf in the hall coat closet with 3 fabric boxes.  When I make or buy something for others,  it goes in the gift closet until it’s time to give a gift.  As far as shopping for gifts goes, I purchase items if:

  1. It reminds me of someone

  2. I think someone needs the item

  3. It’s on sale

  4. It’s a really good price (though not on sale)

I come home from shopping, add it to my inventory list and into the box, on the hall closet shelf, it goes!

Many clients have gifts they’ve purchased tucked in multiple places throughout their home.  When we find them during an organizing session, they will say things like:

“Oh, I was looking for that… last month when my sister was here.”

“I knew I bought a watch for Bob but couldn’t find it when his birthday came around – guess I’ll save it for Christmas now.”

“I totally forgot I had purchased these. I went out an bought another pair for my mother last week!”

I’ve taken some photos of my gift inventory to show you how to keep track of the gifts you have purchased so you can shop your own gift collection before running to the store.

Step 1: Have a gift storage location.  The top of a closet, an armoire or dresser, a storage cabinet in the garage.

Step 2: Gather all your gifts into that location. I use medium sized fabric tote boxes to hold mine.

A peek inside one gift tote

Step 3: Create a gift inventory list. I make mine on my Paper Tiger software program.

My favorite software! Does so much more than track gifts and files!

Step 4: Print out your inventory list and decide where you will keep it.  It is wise to keep it in or near your gift storage area. If you don’t want family members to find and read the list, then you may just want to keep it on your computer (but don’t forget where it is).


How I label the gifts by box

Step 5: Don’t forget to take things off the list as you give them. As you shop for more gifts, you simply add them on.  I don’t add a gift onto my software program every time I come home from the store,  I just write it on the paper list and then update it on the Paper Tiger software every 3 or 4 months.

If you’d like to learn more about the Paper Tiger software, and the hundreds of other ways to use it, just send me a message from my website. We’ll set up a time to show you a demo via the internet and then I would be happy to answer any of your questions!
Would also love to hear how you organize your gifts!



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