I’m Noticing A Shift…

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I’m Noticing A Shift…

Silly title? Maybe, but it’s what this post is about. It’s about some self-observations too.

In my early mommy years, I got in the habit of buying Stride Rite shoes (i.e. leather, good quality) for my little ones and offsetting the expense by shopping at the thrift store for my own clothes and accessories.   I didn’t mind, really.  After all, thrift shopping is like an adventure.  You venture out, not knowing what you will find so you keep an open mind and an eagle eye out for bargains on quality merchandise.  As my kids got older, I kept shopping at thrift stores because, well, kids are expensive even before college starts!

Some of my favorite finds -

  • a blue dress that was casual or dressy depending on the jewelry and shoes

  • the $5 suit that I wore to speak at a large company

  • a Coldwater Creek jacket that looked amazing on me!

Ask my friends, I can find the jewels in the thrift store…  but alas, the shift. I recently visited my favorite thrift store in my old neighborhood/city.  I grabbed the cart, traced the usual route and after about one hour, I left the store… Empty-handed!

That had never happened before, not at that particular thrift store!  As I got in the car and started to drive away, I felt a little sad. I realized that things are shifting in my life. I did not find anything at that thrift store because my life has changed:

  1. The babies are all grown up and I can purchase new, quality clothes (at bargain prices) with the proper budgeting and planning

  2. I’ve worked with hoarders who have basically spent their life savings at the thrift stores and have little to live on

  3. I get tired of having to keep up the wardrobe, so I have pared down quite a bit (see this post)

  4. I am reading the 100 Thing Challenge by Dave Bruno

It is for all of these reasons that I have noticed a shift.

In the book, Dave Bruno remarks that “[But] we behave as if all our consumer intentions and purchases can come together to create a nearly perfect life.”

That really struck me.

What am I searching for in those thrift stores?  Shopping there is no longer a necessity. I no longer want excess clothes that hang unused in my closet any way. Was I trying to find the “perfect life” based on bargains from my thrift shopping? Would I become a habitual shopper like my hoarder clients?

Whatever it is, I’m noticing a shift.

Leave a comment here if you’d like to join me in reading the 100 Thing Challenge. It’s a great book for a healthy discussion!

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