It’s Simplify Your Life Week

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It’s Simplify Your Life Week

Photo Credit: Use with permission from Country Primitive Gatherings

Which math equation is simplified?

10+20x+12-x or 22+19x

(No, you won’t be graded on your answer)

simplify: to make less complex or complicated; make plainer or easier

So …
What can you do to simplify your life this week?

Tools Needed:

The right frame of mind!


  • clear out the entry and set up a place for your keys, glasses, mail, and purses to land

  • make a list of you favorite breakfast foods; group them together in a bin in the pantry for quick fixin’

  • get rid of all the extra bedding – keep 2 sheet sets and one blanket per bed

  • go through all your cleaning products and only save the ones that do more than one job

  • copy your favorite recipes and donate the recipe book

  • remove everything off your bathroom vanity and only put things back that are used every single day (put them in a basket)

Do you need help with more ways to simplify your life? Just give me a call!

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