Keeping Things for Memory’s Sake

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Keeping Things for Memory’s Sake

What things do you have around your home that you’re keeping just because of the memory it holds?

Now I know that’s not the way we normally look at things but that’s exactly what we do. The other day I was in quaint little antique shop in Paradise, California with my girlfriend and I had a flashback. I saw this kaffee klatsch tray that my mom used to have when I was a kid. Here’s a picture of the tray.

Man, was I ever flooded memories when I saw that tray!

  • My mom’s love of black coffee

  • My mom always having girlfriends over for coffee

  • How our house was decorated in general as a child

The tray was for sale for only $14 and I certainly could have afforded it, but I didn’t buy it. Seeing that tray was enough to remind me about a childhood memory (and now I have the photo). Often, we keep things because of the memories that they hold. The memories aren’t really held in the objects, are they? Our memories are held in our mind, sometimes needing a cue to be called forth. Taking pictures is one way to still have a cue to trigger our memory; journaling is another way.  I know recalling the memories make it hard for us to release the object, but look around you today…

What can you release from your life if you took the photo or journaled about it?

Remember that our happiness is not built on things; our happiness is built on the experiences of our lives and the memories that we make.

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