Kid Closet Ideas

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Kid Closet Ideas

I’m lovin’ Pinterest! When a client needs a special twist on organizing, I head over to Pinterest for ideas. In fact, follow me on Pinterest – I’m always pinning!

Here’s a photo collage of some great kids closet to round out my closet series this month. In trying to give credit where credit is due, click on the links below the photo to get more information.

Love the colors and the simplicity of this closet. The boxes can hold shoes, pjs, toys, you name it!


Just his size. Love that this closet is scaled to the child. It’s important to teach independent dressing and managing of clothes early on. This closet makes it possible!

Parents Magazine

This closet is so organized it doesn’t need doors. Love the color scheme and the fact that the hamper is right there with the clothes.

This is a closet for 2! The hooks on the inside of the doors let you set up their clothes for the next day. The boxes are useful to organize toys, blankets, and clothes that are too big.


Closet dividers are all the rage right now. You can set it up to have the weeks’ worth of clothes ready for your young ones or get dividers to divide up those various sizes of baby clothes, your little one will quickly grow into!

Get these on Etsy!

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