Kitchen Organization Product: Rubbermaid Glass Containers

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Kitchen Organization Product: Rubbermaid Glass Containers
When Rubbermaid contacted me to ask if I could review their latest product I was thrilled!  My mom and I are huge Rubbermaid fans.  We used to joke about wanting to run the company and/or own all the stock.  Their products are high quality and versatile. This latest product is no exception.
Glass with Easy Find Lids
The movement these days is to go green.  Plastic is filling up our landfills and we are trying to be smart and reduce our environmental footprint.  Now, thanks to Rubbermaid, we can reduce our plastic containers that are spilling out of our kitchen cabinets. And the lids for these containers are BPA free! Rubbermaid new glass containers are wonderful; I’ve tested them out in the Conrad Kitchen and here’s what I think are its best attributes:



  • Stackable – you can stack them in your cabinets like serving bowls, with the lids underneath them. They take up minimal space and are so very tidy.
  • Versatility – these containers are very durable – You can freeze in them,use in the oven to bake up to 425°, reheat leftovers in the microwave, store leftovers in the refrigerator AND they can be put in the dishwasher when you are all done.
  • Stain Resistant – one thing that makes me throw away a plastic container is how quickly they start to look bad. Food stains, dishwasher haze and those containers get thrown away fast in my house!  Using glass means that no tomato base recipe will stain the container and they come out of the dishwasher just as clean and sparkling as your drinking glasses!
  • Beautiful – not need to bake or reheat something and then pour it into a nice serving bowl when you have company.  These glass containers can be put right on the table.  They will “match” your other serving pieces because they are clear glass.  The Rubbermaid glass containers have a nice weight and a simple but elegant look to them.
I have used the containers now for about two weeks and while I haven’t frozen anything in them yet, I have used them in all the other ways I have mentioned.  Often our kitchens are not big enough, right?  So why not use these containers because they function as cookware, serving pieces, leftover containers and fit neatly in any size cabinet? You can find these containers in Target, Wal-Mart and grocery stores near you or go to

Just to entice you further, Rubbermaid is letting me give away an 8 piece set of Rubbermaid Glass Containers with Easy Find Lids to one of you.  Here’s how to enter:

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A winner will be chosen randomly on June 30th – Good luck!


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  1. I have been eyeing those Rubbermaid containers. I may just have to delete the other non-rubbermaid ones from my inventory and invest in those. I want it all! I want it all!

  2. I know you would love these containers, especially since they are glass. I still have some of my plastic ware but truthfully I always am reaching for these first!

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  5. Jeremy Liao says:

    I subscribed to your rss feed via email.

  6. Thanks for spreading the word!

  7. Lorinda says:

    I just found you online (thinking about purchasing the Paper Tiger). I subscribed to you in Google Reader. I’ve been looking at the glass containers myself. Thank you for reviewing. :)

  8. Let me know if you have any questions about the Paper Tiger. I have used it for 5 years and set it up for many clients.

  9. Robin says:

    What a great idea. Glass containers. I like that they won’t stain. Time to rethink the plastic containers and go green. Good idea thanks for sharing.

  10. Robin says:

    Signed for the feed and posted on FB

  11. Katie Scott says:

    These look great!!!! I love reading your posts about how to get more organized! I miss you at mom2mom!

  12. Congratulations Lorinda! You are the winner of the Rubbermaid Glass Containers!
    Thank you everyone who participated. Stay tuned for more giveaways in the future!