Letting More Things Go

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Letting More Things Go

As an organizer, I have to practice what I preach. And so, I have gotten back around to another purge-and-sort of my china cabinets.

The last time they were purged was the summer of 2010, just before our big move. I have 10 shelves to my cabinets and back then I thought that I should let go of 20% of the things in the cabinet before we moved.  I did, I eliminated 2 shelves worth of crystal and other entertaining pieces.

Now 2 years later, I am at it again. I cleaned the shelves and all of the pieces in my china cabinets. I did not set a number or percentage for how much I would purge this time around.

…I just did it….  Whenever I picked up an item I thought about how useful it was, how it made me feel and thought about how often I used it. There are some things, like my cake plate that I don’t use too often but I love it and do use it as much as possible (and not always for cakes). There are certain questions you can as yourself that can help you make decisions about whether or not to purge something. You can read them in this blog post.

Here are the things that I set aside for purging this time. With the exception of the cookbook and pillow covers, these items were in my china cabinets. I found that I had not used them and in some cases, well – was just tired of them! There was also a beer stein in there that was a gift to my husband from an employee a few years ago.  He never used it and likes his beer right out of the bottle so bye-bye beer stein!

As with any of my purging events, there is a “trickle down effect”. Later that day, I was looking at a cookbook for a recipe and saw the cookbook in the photo and decided “I never use this, so out it goes.”  The same with the pillow covers. I like the fabric but I have had these pillow covers for 2 years and never purchased pillow forms to stuff them. Every time I see them I feel a little twang of guilt for not finishing that project. So out with the pillow covers and out with the guilt!

Do you ever feel guilty about holding onto an item that you have been meaning to do something with?

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