My Closet Transformation, Part 2

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My Closet Transformation, Part 2

In my last post, I explained how I have gone about re-doing my clothes closet. I talked about

• Preparation

• Purging and Sorting

And now the final step, putting it all back into the closet. I’m so excited to show you the final outcome! So here goes:

Put it Back

-Before I put everything back I re-hung all the clothes on the new, slimmer hangers my mom gave us for Christmas. What a difference! They take up so little space on the rod. I highly recommend them.


-I donated my old crochet hangers to a friend and put the plastic hangers in the donation bag.

-I hung all my shirts together, my pants together, my sweaters together, etc.

- As always, I hung my clothes by color, from lighter to darker.

Closet Shelf Organizing


- I got rid of my old plastic shoe boxes. I hated fighting with the lids all the time. Now I have shoe boxes from Clever Container that are lidless and see through.

Closet Organization: The Shoes, Closet Organization: Shoes

-All my out-of-season shoes are in shoe boxes and the current season’s shoes are on my shoe rack.

Other things I have done related to my closet and clothing accessories is to use three baskets on my closet shelf and made a space for those clothes I want to wear a 2nd time before washing. More on that later…

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