3 Steps to A New Mail Habit

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3 Steps to A New Mail Habit

Many people struggle with paper.  Are you one of them?  Creating a new mail habit is the first step to getting your paper better organized.

Here are 3 simple steps to a new mail habit:

1. Create a mail station location.

This should be in the place where you currently are in the habit of opening your mail. For example, this can be in the office, the kitchen, or next to the couch where you watch TV. Once you determine the mail station location, it is important that the mail be put there every single time it is carried into your home.

2. Have the right tools.  

Have a basket, an in-box or some sort of container for incoming mail. Label it as such. This container is only for the mail that has not yet been opened! Also have a trash can and shredder (or a “To Shred” bin)

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3. Train yourself and your family.

ALL incoming mail is to go into the incoming mail basket.

Determine how often you will review the mail – twice a week, four times a week, or every day? The choice is yours, but you need to be consistent! When you are reviewing the mail you must be ready (and willing) to do one of three things:

take action

file it

or throw it away

Do not place mail back in the basket with the idea that you will deal with it later. That will just repeat the vicious cycle of having too much paper to manage and not taking care of it (which is the reason you are probably reading this post, right?)!

 If you want more ideas on how to take action on the mail you receive, check out these videos:


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