On the move – and on the phone!

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On the move – and on the phone!

Day 5 – Today was a busy day for me. I was in work mode as well as move mode.  I opened a new business account at a bank that will be local in my new city.  The manager, Nick, was very friendly and I found it a huge relief to be able to not wait in a long time to speak to someone.  Nick was very interested in me and my business and even promised to follow up himself.  I love small community banks (this one took no federal bail out money, by the way).

Next, I went to an eWomen networking event and helped facilitate the monthly Elk Grove luncheon, where I won a gift! on the move blog by Natalie Conrad, professional organizer Looks like a great housewarming gift for our new home, doesn’t it?!    I also was lucky enough to talk to another woman at the event who is moving this weekend and is more than happy to have me take her boxes off her hands.  (Have I mentioned I love to recycle, yet?)

On the way to and from this event, I managed to make phone calls and get the PG& E accounts squared away.  Next, I called the phone company and got our new phone number and internet connection dates.  I also changed the address for old bills to be forwarded to and stopped the automatic withdrawals as we need to set those up next month on the new bank account.I was also able to update my address one more online account.

There are 2 empty boxes staring at me next to my desk but…. tomorrow is another day!

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