On the Move – Day 4

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On the Move – Day 4

Day 4 –  Okay, so what tasks were completed today?  I think I’ll make a quick list:

  1. Set date and time for this weekend to do walk thru and get keys
  2. Decided which Realtor will list our house
  3. Left message for insurance agent to obtain renter’s insurance
  4. Assembled and packed 8 boxes (while granddaughter was sleeping)
  5. Identified some furnishings with the dot system

Dot system??? – Are you curious? I explain this in my book, Downsize to Organize, but here’s the short version:  I am using sticker dots to identify which furniture items I want moved during each moving load.  We are planning to move a little at a time all month long yet still operate from this house for at least the next 2 weeks.  If I am not specific about what is taken then  I could end up sleeping on the floor!  There are also other uses for these dots – to be explained later.

So the Realtor that we chose to list our current home is..(drum roll please).. Claudia Niedzielski of Prudential Realty.  As I mentioned before, we interviewed 3 different agencies and really feel that Claudia will to the best job for us. Another benefit of using Claudia is that we get a team – her associate Belinda Johnston will also be working on our transaction and helping with the staging and open house.

The eight boxes that were packed were mainly from the Natalie Conrad professional organizer - kitchen organizingkitchen area and one bookcase.  I started on the top shelves of the kitchen cabinets as these items are used less frequently and will not impact the day to day here until we are fully moved.  I remember moving into this home and having 50 boxes for the kitchen alone.  Thank goodness, I have weeded out things since then!

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  1. Mom says:

    Hey, you really were paying attention during all of those moves. You will also need a little note book for inventory – even though this is a self-move. Have a page for each room of House A and House B’s corresponding room. You have many little things, put them all into a box, by room, code it with your dots system and deliver these boxes to the room it belongs to, no need to unpack them until all else is in place! The little notebook is to record these things, and later when you are wondering where they all went – you have a record of their location!

  2. Funny you should mention it. I do have a small notebook that I carry around and make notes in. It was very useful when we were house hunting. I have also made up what I call a Move Binder; it has a 2 page checklist, pockets for papers I collect, pages divided by activity (i.e. to do, staging, and kids) so that I can notate things as they come to mind. Thanks for posting!