Back Up your Data in the Cloud

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Back Up your Data in the Cloud

It’s important to back up the data and photos you have on your computer.  We all have so much data on our home computers today, especially if you have started scanning paperwork. One of the ways to back up your data is in “the cloud”.  Many of my clients are not sure what ‘the Cloud’ is and if it’s a secure place to store their data.

This is a short and simple explanation of backing up to the cloud from The Today Show:

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Key points:

  • You can store data off site, on the internet.
  • You can store documents, pictures and other data (not programs).
  • Not everything on your computer needs to be backed up.
  • You can access your data on other equipment –  your phone, your tablet and other places that have an internet connection.
  • You won’t get 100% safety on the internet, even on the most secure sites.  Encrypt your data and use strong passwords.
  • Having multiple back-ups is a good idea. For example, using an external hard drive in addition to the cloud services.

Providers of cloud services:

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Having back up is part of maintaining the organization of your photos, paperwork and documents. Create your back up plan and start to implement it today.  We all hate to lose our data because there is never a good time to lose data!  Do you use other cloud services? I’d love to hear about them.

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  1. I use a service called JustCloud to back up my data on a daily basis. It allows me to open documents on my iPhone if I need to.

  2. Janet,
    Thank you for another great resource!