Organizing the Software We Own

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Organizing the Software We Own

Computer CDs are seemingly harmless; small and compact, they don’t take up much room. You get a new computer, it comes with a disc or two. Then you purchase some software, an antivirus protection, and maybe a few games, right? Often when I walk into a home office and look in the supply cabinet I find stacks and stacks of software CDs all jumbled with their empty boxes not too far away… It’s chaos.

It seems that the basic organizing principles are forgotten when it comes to our software and other computer CDs. Let’s review how these basic principles of organization can help:

1. Purge and Sort

Weed through and eliminate those programs and CDs you no longer use. Match the ones you are keeping with its box and key codes.

2. Location

Is the current location the best location for these CDs? If you only use them to load programs initially then store them elsewhere (not in your desk).

3. Containerize

Are you keeping all the boxes and packing materials? Is there a better way to store your CDs? Eliminate excess cardboard and meaningless warranties and promotion materials. The most important pieces are the CD itself and the key code. (I use a CD wallet and have an index in the front.)

4. Maintain

Go through your software and CDs once a year, getting rid of what you don’t need or use. Make sure you have enough space to store future purchases and can readily access the software and its key codes when needed.

Do you have a certain way for keeping your software and CDs organized? Please share it with us, by leaving a comment below.

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