Overhead Garage Storage

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Overhead Garage Storage

 Well my “McGyver” husband has been at it again. With $6 in lumber and some parts and pieces we already had, he created an awesome overhead storage area in our garage.

Here are the basic tools and components:

  1. chop saw

  2. 6- 2×3 firring strips – 8 feet long

  3. 6 metal braces – 7 feet long (we already had)

  4. ladder, drill, level, and various screws

Let me warn you… I don’t speak construction but I will try to explain this project (without once using the word “thingy”).

He first created 2 – u-shaped configurations out of 3 pieces of wood and attached each one to a rafter. The span from one rafter to the other was about 6 feet apart. He then constructed a box from 4- 2×3 pieces of lumber. Using his clamp, he screwed the box onto the u-shaped pieces. You can see in the lower picture some of the wood hangs over, but don’t worry – he had something in mind!

 Next, he took the metal braces and spaced them evenly across the box area for weight distribution purposes. He screwed those into the wooden box frame.  We now had about a 7 foot by 7 foot area of storage space.

He created the space just high enough for garage door clearance. And guess what, when it’s open (and my neighbors can see inside) you can’t see this storage platform at all! Remember that overhang on the one side of the platform? Well my husband used that to store his motorcycle ramp. One less thing on the garage floor!

We proceeded to fill this platform with our younger son’s futon and miscellaneous belongings which he left at our house while he is working out of town.

Is there space above your garage  door to have an overhead storage area?  You don’t have to make your own (although it’s less expensive)  Google “overhead garage storage”;  there are plenty of pre-made options out there.

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