Purging Books Through Book Sharing

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Purging Books Through Book Sharing

I have written a few times on my blog about the books we hold on to.  In my most recent post, I decided to get rid of some high quality, never-will-read-again books. In this post, I want to share some options for releasing your books.

These are all feel good options because you know your books are going to a good home and will be read again.

Trade Books for Free - PaperBack Swap.

I’ve had an account for years and I use it all the time.

Bullet Membership is free..It costs nothing to participate, except for postage
Bullet Easy listing… using ISBN makes listing a snap.
Bullet It’s not just for paperbacks, hard cover and audio books also accepted.


A few great reasons to sell your books on Half.com include:

Bullet Earn some money on the nicer books you are ready to let go.
Bullet No start-up or listing fees… easy to use platform.
Bullet The items you list are seen by millions of potential buyers.


Little Free Library

This is a new concept for me but I want to do this!

Bullet Share books, right in your community.
Bullet Promotes literacy and the love of reading.
Bullet And you give/receive books for free.



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