Sometimes We Just Need to Push “Reset”

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Sometimes We Just Need to Push “Reset”
Maybe it’s the busy-ness of the holiday season…
Maybe it’s because I am taking a class…
Maybe it’s because I had a busy (and awesome!) November…
Maybe it’s the perfectionist in me…
Whatever the reason, I know what I need to do. I need to take my own advice – I’m pushing “reset”!
I have been running like crazy, burning the candle at both ends – you know what I’m talking about. So who can do something about this?  Only me.  It’s time to look at what I am doing and make some changes because feeling like I’ve got nothing left is not where I want to be.  I recently was working with my coach (yes, I’m a coach and I need coaching too) and she had me do a needs and value exercise.  The exercise seemed rather basic at first, but once I did the exercise and then talked to my coach about it, I realized it was just what I needed at the moment.  I chose my top needs and values.  Here they are:
My Needs:
My Values:
In my current state I was not happy, was not focused on my spirituality and was doing nothing for myself worth.  Since I value integrity I must have that sense of integrity with myself before I can share it with my clients and friends.  I cannot be of service to anyone in this state.  I realized I needed to rely on my creativity and love of order to set things straight.   I am pushing my reset button and beginning again today, making sure I stand on my values and meet my own needs.
I know this is not a regular blog post on organizing but really … it is. I share this with you because everyone needs to take the time to stop sometimes and re-evaluate (or reset as I like to call it). How can we reach our goals, be it personal goals or organizing goals if we first don’t follow our true needs and stand on our values?
Please leave me a comment or contact me if you too need help with pushing “reset”.

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