Summer Travel Tips

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Summer Travel Tips

I just got back from the first of many summer excursions we have planned this year. And as an organizer, I give myself a “C” for packing this time!

Maybe I forgot things because it was a middle-of-the-week trip and I was working until the last possible second or maybe it was because it was my first summer trip of the year… In any event, I write this blog post so you can pack better than I did!

Extra Things to pack for summer trips:

  • sunscreen (how did I forget that?!!)

    Woman With A Hat On Beach by Petr Kratochvil

  • hat

  • swimsuit (I had mine but forgot to pack his)

  • over the counter medications like allergy pills, antacid, and anti-itch cream for bug bites

  • lotion for dried out skin

  • a light jacket or Pashmina for cool nights

  • extra camera batteries

These are the things I forgot to pack this time.  Am I missing anything else? Making a packing list for warm weather and cool weather is a good idea (why did I deviate and not make a list?).  I found this Real Simple app to help with list making. It has pre-done to-do lists and ways for you to make your own lists.

Access to 30+ popular Real Simple checklists, which you can customize

What do you pack specifically for hot weather trips? Please leave a comment.

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  1. I’ve almost packed everything for the upcoming vacation. Thank god I just remembered to take a pair of batteries after reading your blog article.