The lesson learned at a scrap retreat….

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The lesson learned at a scrap retreat….
organize your hobbies with Natalie Conrad

Bradley House in Folsom CA

Just got back from a great weekend, filled with creativity.  At least once a year, I enjoy a 3 day binge on my papercrafting and scrapbooking. This weekend I stayed at the Bradley House B& B in Folsom, CA.  The innkeeper, Jerry, was great and the rose garden was in full bloom and beautiful.  As with anything, there is a lesson to be learned from this scrapbook retreat.

An “organized scrapbooker” is an enigma

There were 9 women at this retreat (including me) and there were 9 tables of chaos – or so it appeared.  I brought another table with me to hold my extra supplies, another woman rolled in a caddy of sorts, with drawers (sans labels), and my best friend, brought a shelf organizer so that she had a 2nd tier for her cutting supplies, thereby using less table surface. There were wheeled bags, shoulder bags, plastic totes and cardboard boxes, photo organizers, you name it – it was there!

As we worked away it was amazing to see how the scrapbook pages came together. Each of us had our own system for creating scrapbooks.

organize your hobbies with Natalie Conrad

One of my favorite scrapbook pages from the retreat

And that’s the key – a system.  When organizing,you need a system. Yours can look different than mine but you need to have one.

What looks unorganized to someone can be organized for you.  An “organized scrapbook” is an ambiguous term; but most are organized.

You must have a system that you are comfortable with for scrapbooking, and everything else in your life. A trained professional organizer knows how to ask the right questions to assist you in developing your unique system.

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