Time is a Woman’s (and a Man’s) Best Friend

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Time is a Woman’s (and a Man’s) Best Friend

“Time is a woman’s best friend”.

I found this statement in my notes from the 2011 Women in Business conference. The speaker who said this was Joy Chudacoff – a phenomenal business coach. Now if there are any men reading this – don’t leave; time can be your best friend too! Okay – so maybe not your best friend but at least time can be something that you manage better instead of fight against. There are three principles about time that must be embraced if you want to manage your time better.

#1. Have a process for managing your time.

This can be done by batching. Batching is simply doing like things together. For example, if you have phone calls to make today, make them all at the same time. One after the other instead of spreading those calls out between different activities of the day. Use a calendar, smartphone or planner and review it daily.

#2. Use a timer

If you’re the kind of person who feels time just always seems to slip by, using a timer can help you stay on track.You can set a timer so that you stop working and get to an appointment on time. You can use a timer so that you spend only a certain amount of time on one task before moving to the next.

#3. Use time buffers.

Using a time buffer means giving yourself more time for transitions between activities and to travel between appointments. Mark off those time buffers on your calendar or extend the time you think it will take for an activity so that it includes a time buffer. In the example of batching your phone calls, let’s say you allowed one hour for these calls.  Mark it in your calendar for 75 minutes – just in case you get on the phone with a long winded person! :)

The bottom line is that time can be on your side if you take steps to put these three principles in place.


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