Tool Tuesday: In a word – Handy.

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Tool Tuesday: In a word – Handy.
Clever Container toteToday’s featured organization tool is the shower purse from Clever Container. From the inference of the name, you immediately think it is a bathroom organizational product; and you are right.  It was invented to keep all the personal hygiene/shower necessities together and make it easy to store or grab.  It’s made in the USA and is molded plastic.  It has nice tall handles and the mid-section features 3 sections, one of which is intended for a bar of soap. It comes in 3 colors – white, green and pink.

Here are some handy ways it can help your family stay organized:

  • Give one to each child and have them store their bathroom products in them, under the bathroom sink or in their rooms

  • Use as a gift basket. For a baby shower, fill with the wipes, lotions, shampoos, nail clippers, washcloths, etc. For a bridal shower, fill with special bath and body products or personal things for the bride-to-be.

  • Make it your gardening tote. It’s perfect to hold your gloves, those special clippers you use, plant ties, and Miracle Gro™ fertilizer.  Use two of the sections to hold your freshly cut roses into the house to transfer to your favorite vase.

  • Create an art center for you or your little ones.  It’s great to organizer, markers, colored pencils, paint brushes and the like.  If you like to make cards, you can even use it for your current project- holding all your card making supplies.

  • Fill it with first aid supplies and give it to a college student this month.  Don’t forget to add aspirin and cold meds – those things seem expensive to the starving student!

  • Set it beside your favorite chair to hold your pencils for crossword, tissues, lotion and hand sanitizer, and a few thank you notes and a pen. After all, you can do a lot during the commercials.

  • Make a manicure basket.  Use it to hold all of your clippers, files, nail polish and remover. Don’t forget the cotton balls!


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