Under the Sink Clutter

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Under the Sink Clutter
That dark, hidden area under the sink.
It’s an awkward place because of pipes and having to bend down low to see anything.  It’s also an area that rarely gets organized again after putting things away in there after moving in. Here’s what it looks like under my sink:

That garbage disposal is huge, taking up nearly half of the right side of the cabinet!   The yellow crate, also in the right side of the cabinet holds my potatoes, onions and garlic.  It’s something I’ve done this way because that’s how my mom did it.  I think she told me the potatoes like a cooler dark storage environment.  (I digress…)


Then there are the cleaning supplies which I keep on a lazy susan for easier access. I also have cleaning rags and sponges behind the kitchen garbage bags.  To the far right I have a microfiber dish drying mat that conveniently folds up and doesn’t take any space at all.
Here’s a quick 3 steps to putting the under the sink clutter in order:
  1. Remove all the items under the sink and clean the area.
  2. Sort and purge what you have taken out, only keeping what you will use to clean the KITCHEN. A portion of the under the sink cabinet should be reserved for just kitchen cleaning and maintenance supplies. Find a home for the other items you will not put back.
  3. Measure your space and the height available (due to the plumbing arrangements under your sink).  Figure out the best way to contain these supplies.  I did this with a lazy susan but you can also use these types of products-


Items like these can be found at Target® and Bed Bath and Beyond®.
Is it time to organize the things under your sink?  Leave me a comment and let me know how it goes.

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