A professional organizer can help get you organized so you can move forward and reach your goals and dreams.

All the services and organizational systems I offer are based on your lifestyle and your needs. I specialize in teaching you how to create new habits that simplify your life. You won’t feel overwhelmed or live in clutter or chaos any longer. Let go of the “shoulds”:

“I should be able to do this myself.”

“I should just get started.”

“I shouldn’t have let my closets/my office/my life get this way.”

Getting organized will remove the obstacles from your path and get you to the place of having a lovely home, a tranquil space and living life just the way you like it.

Here are some of our service offerings:

My Organizing Mentor      $149

What’s the hardest thing about forming new habits? The daily practice, and starting over every time we falter. Join the My Organizing Mentor program to keep you moving in the direction of lower stress, a happier life, and more time for you. This program consist of biweekly coaching calls. You’ll learn to set intentions for reaching your goals. I’ll be your biggest ally and a helping hand when you need it. You’ll avoid slipping back into the old habits that led to clutter and overwhelm. For more information, go to the My Organizing Mentor page.

Hands-on Organization

Have you tried to get organized by yourself? Do you clip articles about organizing from the magazines or own a few books on the topic and still can’t seem to get organized? It’s time to call in the professional. We can help motivate you and teach you the organizing skills to create the systems you are needing.  We will ask you the right questions to help you sort through all the decisions that need to be made. You may just need help getting started or you may need something more. Our hourly rate ranges from $50 – $65.00 per hour but choosing a package of hours is more cost effective. We offer 4, 8, and 12 hour packages to assist you in whatever organizing goals you have, so call today.

*Travel fees apply when traveling more than 40 miles from Chico, CA.

Want to get started?  You can book your first appointment online today!


The Organization GamePlan         $250

Anything solid starts with a strong foundation. I want you to feel completely secure and know that you can change the things in your life that aren’t working. The only way to create this kind of foundation is to make a plan that takes into account how you live and what you need. We’ll tame the overwhelm with a plan created just for you that gives you what you need to take effective action.

This three-step service starts with: