The Organizing Mentor™

What’s the hardest thing about forming new habits?

The daily practice  and starting over every time we falter.

Focus + Organization = New Habits

The Organizing Mentor™ program is about improving your day-to-day organizational habits in order to move toward your goals and dreams. With this program an organizing coach will personally coach you every other week via phone  and deliver monthly teleseminars. This program will help you:

Do you feel like you don’t have a grip on life?

Do you have lots of unfinished projects?

Are you missing opportunities to live the life you desire due to lack of organization?

If this sounds like you, then you need an Organizing Mentor!

Join the Organizing Mentor™ program to keep you moving in the direction of lower stress, a happier life, and more time for you. You’ll learn to set intentions for reaching your goals. You will be part of a dynamic group of people developing habits that help them in making room for life and reaching their dreams. This unique mentoring program will help you plan, prioritize and perfect your systems. We look at focus and organization skills to create new habits that support you.

Here’s what one client had to say:

organized habits testimonials from happy clients

She will challenge you to be your best “you”….

Natalie Conrad is truly one of the best in the field of time management and organization. I joined her Organizing Mentor program for 3 months seeking help with my time management and need for organization. Natalie attacks these two issues from the perspective of there is no cookie cutter to time management and organization. She takes a consultative approach to working with her clients and they work.  She spends the time to get to know you and how and what makes you tick.  She will challenge you to be your best you and will give you the tools and resource to achieve it.  I have tried to work with others in this field and while I had success it was short term.  What I have learned from Natalie has changed my life! 

~S. Sherwood, Tapestry Network


Testimonials for Natalie Conrad of Organized Habits

What kinds of things can you work on in this program?

I’ll be your biggest ally and a helping hand when you need it. You’ll avoid slipping back into the old habits that led to clutter and overwhelm.
This program has a 3 month minimum commitment, however you may continue as long as you find the program is meeting your needs.  Your cost is only $149 per month, payable monthly.  Getting started today is the first step! Enroll by clicking the button below.